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Русский Newsweek
Частный корреспондент

Русскоязычные антисоциалистические сайты:

Издательство "Социум"
Институт экономики переходного периода
Институт экономического анализа
Московский Либертариум
Сайт Александра Никонова
Сайт Григория Сапова
Свободная среда
Фонд "Либеральная миссия"
Центральноазиатский институт свободного рынка

Англоязычные антисоциалистические сайты:

The Daily Capitalist
Economic Thought
The Libertarian Standard
Liberty is a journal of culture and politics written from a classical liberal point of view. The magazine is available by subscription and at better newsstands and bookstores.
Save Capitalism

Англоязычные сайты антисоциалистических научно-исследовательских центров:

Mises Institute
The main antisocialist sientific center. Site updated daily.
Cato Institute -
Thousands of economic studies and articles available online, as well as streaming audio and video of institute events. Site updated daily.
Centre for Independent Studies -
Australian institute advocating libertarian reforms through publications.
Institute for Humane Studies -
Assists students by offering scholarships, grants, internships, and free summer seminars.
Fraser Institute -
A Canadian institute redirecting public attention to the role markets can play in providing for the economic and social well-being of Canadians. The home site for the Personal Tax Freedom Day calculator.
Independent Institute -
A nonprofit, scholarly research and educational organization which sponsors comprehensive studies on political economy.
Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty -
Promoters of a free society informed by religious faith and moral absolutes. -
A network committed to bringing economic freedom and growth to all the countries of the world. The purpose of the Economic Freedom Network Index is to bring the often forgotten topic of economic freedom into mainstream public debate.
Institute of Economic Affairs -
Provides access to the IEA journal and its other publications.
Institute of Public Affairs -
Australian research in business economics and privatization.
Reason Foundation -
A public policy think tank promoting choice, competition, and a dynamic market economy as the foundation for human dignity and progress.
Mackinac Center for Public Policy -
Provides reports, commentaries and educational programs. Located in Michigan.
Heartland Institute -
Database of published research, primarily against environmentalist regulation.
Competitive Enterprise Institute -
Publications on its research in free-enterprise, as well as internships.
Centre for the New Europe -
An European institute supporting classical liberal ideas.
American Institute for Economic Research -
The 1933 founded libertarian institute located in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, conducts economic research in order to educate individuals.
Evergreen Freedom Foundation -
A policy institute advancing individual liberty, free enterprise and responsible government in Washington State and nationwide.
Free Market Foundation -
South African research and education organisation promoting the principles of limited government, economic freedom and individual liberty.
John Locke Foundation -
An independent, nonprofit think tank that would work "for truth, for freedom, and for the future of North Carolina." Posts op-eds on current events.
Pioneer Institute -
A Boston-based public policy research institute advocating individual freedom and responsibility, limited and accountable government, and expanded application of free-market principles.
Cascade Policy Institute -
Oregon's free-market think tank. Publications and Commentaries on many topics including, environmental issues, health care, economics and fiscal policies, and civil rights, just to name a few.
Minaret of Freedom Institute -
A Muslim libertarian think tank. Advocates free markets and civil liberties for the world of Islam.
Independence Institute -
Free-market think tank investigating private and community-based solutions to issues in Colorado and the United States. News, event information, policy center profiles, publications, and searchable archive of papers.
Mannkal Economic Education Foundation -
An Australian Institute promoting libertarianism.
Atlantic Institute for Market Studies -
AIMS offers commentary on issues such as prosperity, public sector performance and accountability, Atlantica and Canada-US relations.
Future of Freedom Foundation -
Advances its ideas through educational programs available online.
Hispanic American Center for Economic Research -
Promotes the study about the countries of Hispanic America and Hispanic Americans living in the United States, as they relate to the values of personal and economic liberty.
Lithuanian Free Market Institute -
Lithuanian policy institute promoting the ideas of classical liberalism based on the principles of individual freedom and responsibility, free market, and limited government.
Locke Institute -
Advocates the Lockean view of government deriving sovereignty through the people.
Liberty Institute -
A Delhi, India based policy institute promoting awareness and appreciation of a free society.
Ethan Allen Institute -
Vermont's independent, nonpartisan, free-market-oriented public policy think tank.
Institute for Private Enterprise -
An Australian institute promoting the cause of private enterprise and arguing for a reduction in the role of government.
Ludwig von Mises Institute Europe -
Aims to foster respect for individual liberty and for the free market economy in Europe.
Adam Smith Institute -
UK policy institute supporting free market economy.
Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) -
Offers online education, a bookstore, and links to its seminars.
Institute for Liberal Values -
A New Zealand think tank promoting the values of classical liberalism.
St. Lawrence Institute -
A Canadian policy institute devoted to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and information. Its philosophical outlook is based on respect for individual liberty, the value of ideas, the rule of law and free enterprise.
Foundation Francisco Marroquin -
Foundation Francisco Marroquin's purpose is to promote education in the principles of Liberty and Free Market Economics in Latin America.
Dumont Institute for Public Policy Research -
New Jersey based free market think tank that conducts research in economics, law, accounting international trade, and ethics.
Adam Ferguson Institute -
An Ohio based policy institute supporting the voluntary, therefore peaceful, development of a free, beneficent, and prosperous civil society.
Central Massachusetts Liberty Coalition -
Central Massachusetts based pro-liberty political education organization.
Liberal Institute -
A classical liberal and Objectivist think tank.
Atlas Economic Research Foundation -
Offers events, workshops, and courses.

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